Curtis V. Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. Et Al

  • Court: United States District Court, New York Southern (Foley Square)
  • Case number: 1:18cv3068
  • Filed: April 06, 2018
  • Judge: Judge Edgardo Ramos
  • Referred to: Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn (Settlement)
  • Case type: Personal Injury (360)
  • Cause: Diversity-Personal Injury

Parties Involved

  • Defendant: Hilton Garden Inn New York/Central Park | Hilton Garden Inns Management LLC | MoinianLLC | The Moinian Development Group LLC | 237 West 54th Street LLC | Pav-Lak Contracting Inc. | Kota Drywall Corp. | Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.
    • Counsel for Defendant: James Wilson Dabney | Bella Pevzner | Aaron Christopher Gross | Curtis Sobel | Aaron Michael Healey | Leon DeJulius, Jr | Traci Leigh Lovitt | Michael Francis McGowan | Peter Selim Samaan

Verdict Information

  • Verdict date: May 06, 2024
  • Total damages awarded to Plaintiff: $32,125,672
    • Past non-economic damages (pain and suffering): $250,000
    • Future economic damages: $1,875,672
      • Medical Expenses: $830, 262
      • Rehabilitation Services: $45,410
      • Pain and Suffering: $1,000,000
    • Punitive damages: $30 million

About the Case


Plaintiffs Kim Curtis and Scott Curtis were Ohio residents. On September 3, 2015, they checked into the Hilton Garden Inn New York located at 237 West 54th Street and owned and operated by the Hilton Defendants. The couple noticed the broken bathroom door handle in their room and reported the same to the front desk. They were assured that it would be repaired shortly.

However, after returning from dinner, the couple discovered the handle had still not been fixed. They called the front desk again but were informed that no other rooms were available. Consequently, they had to stay in the defective room overnight.

The next day as Kim Curtis attempted to use the bathroom, the door suddenly collapsed on her and she sustained severe injuries. It was contended that the Hilton Defendants, Defendant 237 West 54th Street LLC, Defendant Moinian LLC, and Defendant The Moinian Development Group LLC, operating under The Moinian Group, negligently or recklessly handled the construction, operation, and maintenance of the hotel. Secondly, Defendant Pav-Lak Contracting Inc. and Defendant Kota Drywall Corp. negligently or recklessly installed the door and hardware in question.


Plaintiff Kim Curtis suffered permanent personal injuries that required medical care and ongoing treatment. Her husband, Scott Curtis, due to Kim’s injuries, lost the companionship, services, and consortium of his wife,


The Plaintiffs sought a judgment from the Defendants in an amount surpassing $75,000, excluding costs and interest, along with any other relief deemed appropriate by the Court.

Jury Verdict

On May 06, 2024, a New York jury rendered the verdict in favor of the Plaintiffs, The jury held that the Hotel Defendants had been negligent and allowed the condition of the bathroom to exist which was not reasonably safe and led to the injuries sustained by Plaintiff. The jury awarded $250,000 for Kim Curtis’ past pain and suffering. The jury also awarded the following future economic damages intended to provide compensation over a period of 27.5 years:-

  • Medical Expenses: $830, 262
  • Rehabilitation Services: $45,410
  • Pain and Suffering: $1,000,000

Additionally, the jury also found that the Hotel Defendants had acted wantonly and recklessly. They awarded $30 million in punitive damages to the Hotel Defendants.

Thus, the jury awarded a total of $32,125,672 to the Plaintiffs,

Court Documents:

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