Lang V. Sig Sauer, Inc.

Parties Involved


  • Defendant(s):Sig Sauer, Inc.
    • Counsel for Defendants: Andrew D. Horowitz| Brian Keith Gibson | Jonathan T. Woy | Kristen Elizabeth Dennison | Stevan Anthony Miller
    • Experts for Defendant(s): Derek Watkins | Sean Toner

Verdict Information

  • Verdict Date: June 20, 2024
  • Total damages awarded to Plaintiff: $2,350,963.43
    • Past Damages: $1,610,000.00
    • Future Damages: $690,000.00
    • Past medical expenses: $50,963.43

About the Case


Robert Lang, a Georgia resident and firearms enthusiast, filed a lawsuit against SIG SAUER, Inc. after a harrowing incident involving the company’s P320 pistol. Lang, who held a Georgia Weapons Carry License, had purchased the P320 in March 2018 along with a Blackpoint RH Dual Point SIG SAUER P320 holster for added safety. As a responsible gun owner, Lang followed strict safety protocols, including proper holstering and storage procedures. Despite these precautions, the incident occurred when Lang was simply removing the holstered weapon from his belt, following his usual routine after returning home.

The lawsuit alleged multiple counts against SIG SAUER, including negligence, breach of implied warranty of merchantability, strict liability, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Lang sought actual, compensatory, and punitive damages, as well as equitable relief. The complaint emphasized SIG SAUER’s alleged prior knowledge of defects in the P320 that could cause it to fire without the trigger being pulled, yet failing to adequately warn consumers or issue a recall.

Lang’s legal team highlighted SIG SAUER’s marketing claims about the P320’s safety features, pointing out contradictions between these claims and warnings in the owner’s manual. The lawsuit also referenced SIG SAUER’s modifications to the P320 for military contracts, while allegedly leaving civilian models unchanged and potentially dangerous. The case brought attention to several other lawsuits and incidents involving the P320, suggesting a pattern of malfunction. Lang’s attorneys argued that SIG SAUER’s actions demonstrated a conscious disregard for consumer safety, which they claimed justified punitive damages. They also sought attorney’s fees, alleging that SIG SAUER had acted in bad faith and been stubbornly litigious.


On December 11, 2018, Lang’s P320 unexpectedly discharged while holstered, causing severe injuries to his right leg. The bullet tore through his upper thigh and exited just above his knee, leading to immediate hospitalization. The incident caused serious and permanent injuries to Lang’s right leg, resulting in significant physical, emotional, and financial hardships. Lang reported a loss of earnings, incurred substantial medical expenses, and experienced mental and physical pain and suffering. The injuries affected his nervous system, caused personal inconvenience, and hindered his ability to lead a normal life. Looking to the future, Lang anticipated ongoing challenges, including further loss of earnings, diminished earning capacity, additional medical expenses, continued personal inconvenience, and persistent mental and physical suffering.


Robert Lang sought comprehensive relief in his lawsuit against SIG SAUER. He requested recovery of special damages, including past and future medical expenses, to be determined at trial. Lang also pursued general damages for pain and suffering, to be decided by a fair and impartial jury. He asked for pre-judgment interest as allowed by law and punitive damages based on the defendant’s alleged conscious indifference to the consequences of its actions. Lang sought to recover his attorney’s fees and litigation expenses. Additionally, he requested the court to order SIG SAUER to issue a recall notice or enhanced warning to all P320 purchasers, stating that the weapon could fire without a trigger pull. Finally, Lang asked for any further relief the court deemed appropriate.

Jury Verdict

The jury reached a verdict in favor of Robert Lang in his case against SIG SAUER. After carefully considering the evidence presented, the jury awarded Lang a total of $2,350,963.43 in damages. This amount included $1,610,000.00 for past damages, $690,000.00 for future damages, and $50,963.43 in stipulated past medical expenses.

Court Documents:

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