A jury in Riverside, California has awarded $60m in economic and non-economic damages in a traumatic brain injury case. $50m out of the total award were for past and future noneconomic damages.

The Plaintiff was represented by John Carpenter and Carlos Hernandez from the law firm Carpenter & Zuckerman  in Beverly Hills, California. In a LinkedIn post, Carlos Hernandez shared that at the age of 15, their client suffered a severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a collision on the 10 freeway near Beaumont. The attorneys worked with Joan Nelms, his State-appointed guardian to get him this verdict.

This story will be updated once we receive more information about the case.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) happens when something hits your head really hard or shakes it with a lot of force. This can make your brain move inside your skull, causing damage.

People with TBI might feel dizzy, have headaches, feel confused, or have trouble remembering things. Some might feel fine right after the bump, but start to feel sick later. It’s like when you fall and scrape your knee – it hurts more later than when you first fall.

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