Darla Hurley (PR) et al vs. Hebrew Home Sinai, INC.

  • Court: Florida State, Miami-Dade County, Eleventh Circuit Court
  • Case Number: 2021-001381-CA-01
  • Filed: 20thJanuary 2021
  • Judges: Reemberto Diaz
  • Case Type: Nursing Home Negligence
  • Cause: Negligence

Parties Involved

Plaintiff(s):Estate of Silvia Ceballo Camejo (Deceased) | Darla Hurley (PR)

Defendant(s): Hebrew Home Sinai


Verdict Information

  • Verdict Date: 4thMarch 2024
  • Damages awarded to Plaintiff: $35,122.00
    • Compensatory Damages: $33,576.00
    • Medical expenses: $1,546.00


Negligence Case Summary


The plaintiff, Darla Hurley, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Silvia Ceballo-Camejo, filed a lawsuit against Hebrew Home Sinai, Inc. d/b/a Sinai Plaza Nursing and Rehab Centre, alleging the violation of Silvia Ceballo-Camejo’s nursing home resident’s rights as set forth in Florida Statute §400.022. The defendant, a nursing home facility, had a statutorily-mandated responsibility to provide Silvia Ceballo-Camejo with adequate and appropriate healthcare, protective and support services, prevent mental and physical abuse, comply with relevant regulations, and treat her courteously, fairly, and with dignity.


The plaintiff alleges that the defendant’s negligence resulted in a failure to meet these responsibilities, including but not limited to failing to properly supervise, provide adequate care and support services, develop and implement appropriate care plans, monitor Silvia Ceballo-Camejo’s health condition, notify family and physicians of significant changes, protect her from foreseeable harm (including the development and deterioration of aspiration pneumonia leading to her death on September 1, 2020), properly train and supervise staff, maintain adequate staffing, protect her dignity and privacy, follow physician orders, properly chart, and timely transfer her to the hospital.


The plaintiff sought damages on behalf of  Silvia Ceballo-Camejo’s survivors, including her daughter Yudit Perdomo and sons Ramon Ceballo and Manuel Ceballo, for loss of support and services, loss of parental companionship, instruction, and guidance, mental pain and suffering, and other damages. As the personal representative of Silvia Ceballo-Camejo’s estate, the plaintiff seeks to recover for the decedent’s lost earnings, prospective net accumulations of an estate, and medical or funeral expenses in this negligence case.

Jury Verdict

Following a trial from February 12 to February 14, 2024, the jury unanimously awarded the Plaintiff, Darla Hurley, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Silvia Ceballo-Camejo, Deceased, compensatory damages totaling $33,576.00 along with medical expenses of $1,546.00, resulting in a total award of $35,122.00.

Court Documents: Available upon Request