Matthew G Lopez Bautista vs. Foothill Presbyterian Hospital

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Verdict Information

  • Verdict Date: May 6, 2024
  • Total Damages awarded to Plaintiff: $0

About the Case


The plaintiff, Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista, was born on or around February 8, 2012, at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in California. He was delivered by Dr. Jeffrey Lee, a physician employed by or affiliated with the hospital, along with other employees or agents of the hospital and unknown individuals referred to as Does 1 to 20.

During the pregnancy and delivery process, the medical assessment, consultation, decision-making, care, and treatment provided to Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista while in utero, as well as to his mother, fell below the accepted standard of care in the local medical community. This substandard care constituted medical and professional negligence under California law. Specifically, there was a delay in performing an emergency cesarean section surgery, which should have been done promptly to deliver the baby and avoid injury.

The defendants, including Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, Dr. Jeffrey Lee, and the unknown individuals referred to as Does 1 to 20, failed to exercise the level of skill, knowledge, and care that other reasonably prudent and similarly situated healthcare providers would have utilized under the same or similar circumstances.


As a direct and legal result of this negligent conduct, Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista suffered multiple personal injuries. He sustained injuries to his mind and body, shock and injury to his nervous system, and endured great physical and mental pain and suffering. These injuries have caused, and continue to cause, Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista to experience a diminished quality of life in the past, present, and future. The injuries are significant and have resulted in damages exceeding the court’s jurisdictional limits.

Due to the negligent acts and omissions of the defendants, Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista required and sought professional medical treatment to examine, treat, and care for his injuries. He has incurred substantial expenses related to this medical care, and these expenses are ongoing. He will continue to incur such medical expenses in the future, as well as incidental expenses, support costs, caregiving costs, and other related expenses.

Furthermore, the injuries sustained by Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista have limited his employability and earning capacity. Even if he is able to work in the future, the nature of his work and his ability to work full-time or more will likely be reduced, inhibited, or lessened, causing him to suffer additional economic losses.


He sought general damages to compensate for his injuries and suffering. Additionally, he requested compensation for medical and related expenses, with the amount to be determined by evidence presented at trial, exceeding the court’s minimum jurisdictional limits. The plaintiff also prayed for damages related to the loss of his future earning capacity, with the amount to be proven at trial and exceeding the court’s minimum jurisdictional limits. He sought economic damages in an amount to be established by evidence and exceeding the court’s jurisdictional limits. Furthermore, the plaintiff requested interest as permitted by law and reimbursement for the costs incurred in bringing the lawsuit. Finally, he prayed for any other relief the court deemed appropriate and proper under the circumstances.

Jury Verdict

The jury determined that the defendant Emanate Health Foothill Presbyterian Hospital was not negligent in the diagnosis or treatment of plaintiff Matthew G. Lopez-Bautista.

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