Marcus Brown v. Bunlim Ma


  • Court: Florida State, Clay County, Circuit Court
  • Case Number: 2023-CA-001466
  • Filed: October 19, 2023
  • Judges: Steven B. Whittington
  • Case Type: (66) Other Negligence – Other; Civil
  • Cause: Drowning accident

Parties Involved

  • Plaintiff(s):Marcus Brown, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Cameron Brown
  • Counsel for Plaintiff: Kimberly L Wald | Michael Haggard


  • Defendant(s): AirBnb, INc. | 168, Rental LLC | Bunlim Ma
  • Counsel for Defendants: Unknown


Settlement Information

  • Settlement Amount:$1.3 million


About the Case


Marcus Brown, as the Personal Representative of his deceased minor son Cameron Brown’s Estate, filed a wrongful death premises liability lawsuit against Airbnb, Inc., property owner Bunlim Ma, and rental company 168 Rental, LLC. The tragic drowning accident occurred when Cameron, an invited guest at the rental property, drowned in the pool area due to the defendants’ alleged negligence.

The defendants breached their duty to provide reasonably safe premises by allowing numerous hazards and defective conditions in the pool that posed severe drowning risks. They failed to install and maintain essential safety features like pool safety lines to mark depths, depth markers, a shepherd’s hook, a protective fence, and door alarms.

The lawsuit asserted violations of pool safety codes, Florida statutes, building regulations, industry standards, and permit requirements related to maintaining safe depths, slopes, equipment, and other mandated safety features. The unsafe conditions persisted for an extended period, providing ample time for the defendants to discover and correct them through reasonable care, which they failed to do.


The complaint alleged that the defendants’ negligence in failing to maintain reasonably safe premises and provide adequate pool safety features directly caused Cameron’s untimely death by drowning.  The pool contained two concealed and extremely dangerous hidden slopes in the dark-colored water. These slopes created an entrapment hazard. Cameron became trapped underwater by these hidden slopes and was unable to escape. This ultimately caused him to drown and sustain fatal injuries, leading to his death.


As a result of the defendants’ negligence causing this wrongful death, Cameron Brown’s estate seeked monetary damages permitted under Florida’s statute. These included compensation for the immense mental pain and suffering inflicted upon Cameron’s parents, reimbursement for medical expenses and funeral costs, the projected loss of Cameron’s future earning potential and inheritance value, as well as any other applicable damages.


The plaintiff secured a $1.3 million  settlement in a drowning accident against short-term vacation rental giant Airbnb

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