Ranciato, Justin v. Dunkin’ Donuts Franchising, LLC et al

  • Court: Connecticut State, New Haven J.D, Superior Court,
  • Case number: NNH-CV22-6126512-S
  • Filed:  September 12, 2022
  • Judge: Barbara Jongbloed, Kevin Murphy, Robert Young, and Robin Wilson
  • Case Type: T90 – Torts – All other

Parties Involved

  • Plaintiff: Justin Ranciato
    • Counsel for Plaintiff: Goff Law Group LLC
  • Defendants: Dunkin’ Donuts Franchising, LLC | Dunkin’ Brands Inc. | Dunkin’ Ventures LLC | East Haven Donuts LLC
    • Counsel for Defendant: Schwerzmann & Galullo

Verdict Information

  • Verdict date: May 8, 2024
  • Total damages awarded to Plaintiff: $0.00

About the Case


On January 9, 2022, Justin Ranciato, the plaintiff, visited the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant, the defendant, at 704 Foxon Road in East Haven, Connecticut. The plaintiff ordered hot coffee at the drive-through kiosk of the restaurant. The Dunkin’ Donuts employee served the plaintiff a to-go cup of coffee with a plastic lid. They had not properly secured the plastic lid onto the cup. While transferring the cup across his lap into the cupholder, the lid fell off, spilling hot coffee onto the plaintiff.

Due to the unreasonably dangerous conditions, including the improperly secured lid and the dangerously hot coffee, the plaintiff was severely injured. The plaintiff filed a negligence lawsuit against the defendant. It was alleged that the plaintiff’s injuries and losses resulted from the defendant’s carelessness and negligence. They had failed to properly train the franchise owners and employees on customer service, health, and safety, including the appropriate coffee temperature and proper lid attachment. Furthermore, they failed to inspect the cup and coffee temperature before serving, allowed the negligent placement of lids. It was alleged that the necessary precautions to protect patrons were not taken and there had been a failure to employ safeguards against serving dangerously hot coffee and inadequately lidded cups.


As a direct result of the incident and the defendant’s negligence, the plaintiff alleged that he had suffered injuries, including severe second-degree burns to his left leg. Consequently, the plaintiff had experienced and may have continued to experience pain, suffering, and an increased likelihood of future medical treatment or disorders. Additionally, the plaintiff had incurred financial expenses for medical care and treatment and may have incurred further costs in the future. Furthermore, the plaintiff’s ability to pursue and enjoy life’s leisurely activities had been allegedly reduced.


Under the present negligence lawsuit, the plaintiff sought monetary damages, interest, costs, and any other relief the Court deemed fair and equitable against Dunkin’ Donuts. The demanded amount, excluding interest and costs, exceeded fifteen thousand dollars.

Jury Verdict

On May 08, 2024, a Connecticut jury rendered the verdict in favor of the defendants. The plaintiff was, therefore, not entitled to any damages.

Court Documents


Verdict for defendants