De Jun Hu v. Wei Li Et Al

Parties Involved

  • Plaintiff: De Jun Hu
    • Counsel for Plaintiff: Shoshana Raphael
  • Defendant: Wei Li | Does 1 to 10
    • Counsel for Defendant: LI Wei

Verdict Information

  • Verdict date: April 22, 2024
  • Total damages awarded to Plaintiff: $15,000

About the Case


De Jun Hu (plaintiff) was the Landlord of the subject premises located in San Francisco. On April 22, 2023, Wei Li (defendant) rented the premises on a month-to-month tenancy basis. He agreed to pay $1300 in monthly rent and had agreed to pay the rent on the first of each month through a written agreement with the plaintiff.

However, the defendant defaulted on the payment of rent from June , 2023 to December, 2023. In January, 2024, the defendant received a 3-day notice to pay rent or quit. The notice included an election of forfeiture and was personally handed to the defendant. At the time, the amount of rent due was $6,138. The fair rental value of the premises was $31.19 per day. By January 8, 2024, the notice period had expired, and the defendant failed to comply with its requirements. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit for non-payment of rent against the defendant.


As a result of the defendant’s failure to pay rent, the plaintiff had suffered monetary losses in the form of lost rent of up to six months.


Under the present lawsuit for non-payment of rent, the plaintiff sought the payment of past-due rent of amount $6,138. Additionally, the plaintiff sought the fair rental value of $31.19 for all the days on which the rent was lost. They also requested a forfeiture of the rent agreement with the defendant.

Jury Verdict

On April 22, 2024, a California jury of twelve persons declared the verdict to be in the favour of the plaintiff, De Jun Hu and directed the defendant to pay $15,000 as rent and damages to the plaintiff. The court ordered the plaintiff to recover $15,000, with 10% interest accruing from the judgment date until payment from the defendant. Additionally, the court ordered the defendant to pay the plaintiff’s memorandum of costs. The plaintiff also recovered restitution of the subject premises from the defendant as per the final judgment.

Court Document

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