Garry Clemmons, Administrator for the estate of Ruth Desuzia v. Hope Health Care LLC


  • Plaintiff: Garry Clemmons Administrator for the Estate of Ruth Desuzia
    • Counsel for Plaintiff: Discala & Discala LLC
    • Expert Witnesses for Plaintiff: Tomeka Martin | Beatriz Velez | Amy Boehm R.N.


  • Defendant: Hope Health Care, LLC
    • Counsel for Defendant: David G. Hill & Associates LLC
    • Expert Witnesses for Defendant: Lisa Salvatoriello, RN, BSN

Jury Verdict

Verdict Date: April 12, 2024

Verdict Information: $0 (Verdict for Defendant)

About the Case


Ruth Desuzia was a 92-year-old lady living in Fairfield County of Connecticut. As Desuzia was very old and infirm, Hope Health Care LLC, the Defendant, employed a caretaker to take care of her in her apartment.
On May 05, 2017, Desuzia was under the supervision of her caretaker from Hope Health Care LLC. While under the supervision of her caretaker, Desuzia had made an attempt to move from her bed to a chair. In doing so, Desuzia fell and landed sharply on her left knee. The fall was so sharp and violent that it caused Desuzia to sustain severe injuries which diminished her quality of life greatly.
A negligence lawsuit was filed against the Defendant since the injury had been sustained while under the care and supervision of the Defendant’s employee. The plaintiff alleged that the Defendant was liable to compensate Desuzia for failing to provide a competent and properly trained employee who would follow company procedures, safety instructions and standard measures.


The injuries suffered by Desuzia in this negligence lawsuit were very serious. As a result of the fall, Desuzia sustained a fractured, swollen, and bruised left knee, experienced anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, suffering, permanent loss of mobility, and a diminished quality of life.
Desuzia’s health and happiness had been greatly affected by the accidental fall. After the incident, Desuzia’s mobility was permanently impaired, and she relied on a wheelchair for the remainder of her life


The plaintiff sought monetary compensation for the damages, losses and injuries suffered by Desuzia. The Plaintiff also prayed for any other relief that the court deemed just and equitable.

Jury Verdict

On April 12, 2024, a Connecticut jury unanimously exonerated the Defendant, Hope Health Care LLC, from any liability or negligence. On April 30, 2024, Judge Robert G. Golger affirmed the Defendant’s innocence in accordance with the jury verdict.
Court Documents: Available upon Request